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  Support Programmes  

“The phrase can‘t is the most powerful force of negation in the human psyche.“

P. R. Scheele


All of us have significant strengths and qualities that can take us far. Yet, there are times when we have limiting thoughts and behaviours and a chequered profile of knowledge, understanding and skills that can hold us back.

gain.insight provides support programmes that help break past some of these limitations, fostering resourcefulness and the resolve to persevere and achieve.
The support programmes involve a blend of coaching, awareness training and skills development. They include Staying the Course and Staying Power at Work.



In a non-judgmental environment, you can:

  • unload doubts, fears and reservations
  • stand back, reflect and take a wider view
  • evaluate what is going well and needs to change for you to progress
  • develop strategies and skills to help bring about change
  • follow these through into practice
  • increased confidence in your strengths
  • the ability to turn them to positive effect
  • increased understanding of areas for development
  • practical strategies for improving on them
  • stronger motivation and resilience
  • new learning that is deep, sustainable and embedded in everyday practice