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“Research is there to show that if you do intervene when children are young, then you are giving them the best chance possible. Sure Start is part of the gateway of helping people in the future... The world won’t change unless people change and unless they feel that change.”

A. Longfield


Walk the Loop for Children’s Centres

Children’s Centres (Sure Start) are going through significant financial and structural change. There is an avowed commitment at a national, regional and local level to the beneficial and long-lasting impact they can have for families and local communities. Yet, the risk that they become diminished and side-lined before they have had the time, scope and opportunity to fulfil their potential remit is also strong.

I am deeply concerned that the current changes are for the better. This is why I have initiated the Walk the Loop for Children’s Centres Project and Events to take place from September 2012 to October 2013. (Olivia Lowe)

Why “Walk the Loop”?

All around London there is a pathway called the London Loop. It is a place where city and countryside meet. You can access it at many points. The circle it makes connects families and communities that are hugely diverse. It provides opportunities for them to meet.

There are many children’s centres situated near the London Loop. Children’s Centres can serve as a safe space for different education, health and care services to join together with local businesses, charities and voluntary groups. Together, they can share information, good practice and resources in order to ensure that children have a “sure start” in life thanks to appropriate early intervention and support.

See under Events for an outline of the walk, dates and locations.

Download full article Why Children´s Centres Matter for more background information