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“...emotional capitalists represent leaders with the advanced capacity of being able to guide people to action from within by engaging the prime movers of behaviour – emotions.”

M.Newman and J.Purse


Initiatives for 2012–2013

As an integral part of its coaching support services, gain.insight is now offering certified, targeted support in two areas that are becoming increasingly recognised as vital for effective leadership and staff development: emotional intelligence and decision-making.

The Emotional Capital Record (ECR) and Emotional Capital Record 360 (ECR 360) make it possible to assess and develop emotional intelligence. They are simple to use, accurate assessment tools that have a proven track record of improving employee well-being, promoting high performance, optimism and a culture where people feel inspired to achieve at their best.

For details download ECR Transform and Change

Formula4Leadership: Education – Leadership Judgement Indicator makes it possible to assess and develop the decision-making styles adopted by those with leadership responsibility. It helps them inspire and empower others with assertive confidence.

For details download Formula4Leadership: Making the Right Decisions

Walk the Loop for Children’s Centres
Children’s Centres (Sure Start) are going through a time of modification and transition. It is crucial they receive the recognition and commitment necessary for the changes to open rather than close doors to improved services and opportunities.

For this reason, gain.insight has initiated the Walk the Loop for Children’s Centres Project and Events to take place from September 2012 to October 2013.

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