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gain.insight is constantly in a process of development, improvement and change.

Three new initiatives are underway for 2012-2013 relating to:

Emotional Capital:
the vital role that emotional intelligence plays for organisations, teams and individuals if they are to bring out the best in themselves and others.

Formula4Leadership | Leadership Judgement Indicator:
the importance of understanding and appropriately adopting decision-making styles (directive, consultative, consensual or delegative) in order to influence and motivate others to positive effect.

Walk the Loop for Children’s Centres:
raising awareness of the invaluable work that Sure Start children’s centres play as a hub for services promoting the development, health and well-being of children in the early years.

To find out more, see under
News - for a summary of the initiatives,
Projects - for an explanation of Walk the Loop
Events - for an outline of the walk, dates and locations.