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“…leadership, as an activity rather than a role, is not something confined to the top of an organization. Leadership exists at all levels in an organization.”

J. Stokes and R. Jolly


For whom:
Teachers, practitioners and support workers in Early Years, schools, further education, training and development.

After an initial meeting and interview, a coaching programme is negotiated with the client, which is reviewed and evaluated on an ongoing basis.

Challenges that are explored:
These vary according to individual profiles and circumstances. They may include one or some of the following:

  • keeping a balanced perspective in times of uncertainty and stress
  • meeting the demands of diverse stakeholders including Ofsted
  • organising a complex workload
  • clarifying goals and actions and breaking them down into manageable steps
  • tracking and recording users’ progress and distance travelled
  • communicating effectively with parents, colleagues and external partners
  • differentiating and meeting the needs of disadvantaged groups
  • fostering your own potential for development and progression